Trapper Keepers rejoice; binders are are finally having their day in the sun thanks to Mitt Romney.

Honey Boo Boo


Yesterday Paris, today Honey Boo Boo.  I am still trying to figure out if Honey Boo Boo is awesome or terrible….or both?

Since we don’t have cable, I did some clicking around the web.  One click led to two clicks then snowballed into an hour of watching video footage.

It wasn’t like the Spice Girls reunion at the London Olympics Closing Ceremony after which I wanted those 4 minutes of my life back.  I couldn’t walk away, I didn’t want the hour back, I think I was ENTERTAINED.

For those who have managed to avoid Honey Boo Boo until this point, here are some resources if you would like to learn more:

Louis Vuitton RTW


Idaho is as far away from Paris (physically and culturally) as possible…but thankfully my generation was blessed with the internet.  What did we do before?

While eating my boring lunch at my desk, I perused the Louis Vuitton RTW Spring 2013 Collection by my favorite, Mr. Marc Jacobs.  Wow, love the checks, love the colors, love the (low&pointy) shoes.  Here are some pictures, you can see the entire collection at is actually my favorite place for fashion week info…they have reviews, pictures of the collections and – my fave – “atmosphere” shots.  Gotta stay connected to the outside world somehow.



Hello, again.

Instead of acknowledging the length of my absence, I am going to report on some personal milestones from the last six months: I learned to use my iPhone, have a better relationship with my job and wear bright nail polish.

I have also been lucky enough to spend time in two of theses four places (I am sure you can guess): Wisconsin, Vegas, Turks & Caicos, Atlanta.  I have mentally blocked the memories of my trips to the other two.  Due to the excess of sand and rum punch in T&C, my camera died so now I use my iPhone and subsequently Instagram (the app that allows you to make shitty phone photos look semi-artsy, see below picture of my cute family).

I am struggling to figure out my relationship with this blog (I bet you saw that one coming!).  It served a purpose when I desperately needed an outlet but I have other outlets now.  Does that mean I need to walk away from this one?  If I ignore this problem, will it go away or fix itself?  Probably.

Love, Idaho Style


I really couldn’t make this shit up if I tried.

This treat was purchased at my over-priced “market” (you know, the one I have a love/hate relationship with) for the bargain price of $1.25.  What a steal.



I am back from the dirty south just in time for the arrival of some new snow and my mom who flew in from Florida.  Yes, the same mom I just visited.  With our work/travel schedules, this was the only week that worked out for her to take her annual ski trip.

I had a great trip to Florida and then spent a week at a trade show where I repeated “Our products are solar powered and designed for year round outdoor use” about five thousand times and any semblance of a tan faded away.  I am disgusted to report that it took me 20 hours to travel home from Atlanta on Wednesday.  I fear I may be getting too old for this shit.

Lily had a health scare while I was gone and had emergency surgery to remove her spleen.  For a while we didn’t think she would come home which was awful…but she did, and is doing better each day.  For me, it was a huge wake up call to the fact that she is getting older and may not be around as long as I want her to be.

Oh, and I got an iPhone and don’t know how I EVER lived without one.  Here are some pictures I snapped on my new device while in Florida.

This sunrise over the ocean woke me up on my last day home.  I walked out on my balcony and snapped this…

I also ate Stone Crab (pictured below) 2 of the 4 nights I was home.  And probably would have eaten it every night had my mom not already made other plans.

Wow, this is more of a download than a post.  Time for me to get back to work and for you to digest my randomness.  Happy New Year!

STL Turkey Day


Lately I have been writing excuses, not posts, and it’s time to break the cycle.

Since our lovely trip to St.Louis for Thanksgiving, I have been extra busy taking care of Lily (who had another ACL surgery) and J (who broke some ribs).

Everyone is on the mend, so it’s time to play catch up.  So, just in time for Christmas, here is my Thanksgiving download:

J and his mom never smile in pictures.  It’s so misleading!

Karen’s holiday table = impressive.

Us on the Anheuser-Busch tour.  It was pretty cheesy, but they had free beer at the end.